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Meet our Emcees for this Weekend


Beni and Taya Illés currently serve with the Hungarian Navigators with high school students. Beni is from Hungary, and Taya is from Iowa but graduated from Northwest Missouri State. They met during Taya’s iEDGE program, and love getting to serve together on mission. They are passionate about Abiding in Christ (John 15), and certainly down for any foodie experience!


Summer Opportunity


Each summer, the Navigators Collegiate Ministries provide multiple intensive summer growth initiatives called Summer Training Programs (STPs) in different regions of the country. Students live, work, have fun, and learn with other college students for the summer.


​Each student works a full time job and participates in Bible studies, evangelistic outreaches, discipleship groups, ministry training, fellowship, and other activities during the week. These opportunities for fellowship, mentoring, guided experiences, and time in the Word create an ideal environment for students to grow in their relationship with Christ as well as develop ministry skills and leadership qualities. Summer Training Programs are operated and overseen by experienced full-time Navigator staff.


Meet our Guest Speaker


Buck came to Christ as a child but didn’t discover walking with Jesus until he met The Navigators in college at Miami University of Ohio. Freshmen Buck barely knew the Bible, but in the years since, he has continually been falling in love with Gods word and design. He has a deep passion for teaching the Bible as a unified story and helping people wrestle with God in their faith. He believes there is no greater news than that of Jesus and His Kingdom for our world today!


Buck has been on staff for 14 years and is currently the campus director at Kent State University in Ohio and the national director for The Navigators Sexual Health and Wholeness Initiative. He is married to his wife Lisa and has three boys, 10, 8, and 6. He is a huge fan of the Browns and Chelsea FC thus understanding both depravity and greatness.


  • SCHEDULE: Want to make sure you are in the right places at the right times? Brush up on our Schedule.

  • REGISTRATION: If you don't have a name tag yet, right after this session please stop by the Registration Table to check-in or register.

  • INFORMATION TABLE: If you still need to register, want to buy a t-shirt, need a leaders’ packet, or have any big questions, please stop by the Information Table outside the Main Hall.

  • T-SHIRTS: If you reserved an Engage shirt when you registered (prior to arriving at the conference), you can pick it up at the Information Table. You have until lunch TOMORROW to purchase and pick up your shirt before we sell it. Haven’t purchased an Engage shirt yet? Good news! You can purchase one for $20 at the Information Table! But get one while you can as we have limited stock and they’re going quick!

  • EXHIBITS: Some of the exhibits are giving away awesome prizes, so stop by the Exhibit Hall before and after each session for a chance to win. There will be an Exhibitor Lunch & Learn tomorrow for those who want to get further information from our exhibitors. For more info about this Lunch & Learn and about the exhibits available, visit the Exhibits page.

  • SMALL GROUP LEADERS: If you don't have your leaders guide yet, visit the Info Table. After your small group meets tonight, please let Chloe Hill (816-835-9228) know if you were missing someone from your group or if someone that you weren’t expecting joins you. For more info, visit the Small Group and Host Homes page.

  • SMALL GROUPS: Small Groups begin at 10:15pm. Locations and processing questions can be found on the screen and on the Small Group and Host Homes page.

  • HOST HOME DINNER: On Saturday Night from 5-7pm your small group will eat dinner at the home of a family in the Kansas City area. These families have generously volunteered to open their homes to you and they are excited to meet and get to know each of you! Tonight during your small group, please choose a time and place for your group to meet at 4:15pm tomorrow so that you can leave for your host dinner.

  • FREE TIME: After small groups, the rest of the night is yours to have fun. There will be a Totally 2000s Karaoke Party in the Water Room and board games in the Wood Room. Check out our Free Time page for more ideas on what to do.

  • INSTAGRAM: Be sure to tag us if you post any photos/reels this weekend! @centralplainsnavs #navsengage23

  • QUIET HOURS: begin at midnight. You don’t have to be asleep, but you must be in YOUR room with ONLY your roommates at midnight.

  • BREAKFAST: We are going to do breakfast in shifts so that we are kind to the hotel staff and they can make sure to keep the food in stock. Be sure to eat a good meal and meet us at the Main Session room no later than 9am.

    • If you are from an Oklahoma or Kansas school your breakfast will be at 7am.

    • If you are from an Arkansas or Missouri school your breakfast will be at 7:45am.

  • TIME ALONE WITH GOD (TAWG): Tomorrow morning from 8:30-9am we encourage you to get together with 1-2 friends and spend time in the Word together. If you’re not sure what that looks like or where in the Bible to go, talk to your small group leader and they can give you some direction. If you'd like some further tips on how to go about your TAWG, click here.


  1. How would you summarize the message from tonight for someone else? 

  2. What stood out to from this message? What didn't? 

  3. What similarities do you think there are between the Exodus passage and today? 

  4. What questions did tonight prompt for you? Or questions you have that are unanswered? 

  5. What do you think God is saying to you tonight from this story in Exodus? 



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