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Cassidy Purdy & Kailee Allen

God has revealed Himself to us through the Bible and prayer allows us to relate with Him. This workshop will teach you how to continue growing in your relationship with Him.

ABOUT THE WORKSHOP LEADERS: Cassidy serves as the Associate Campus Director at Northwest Missouri State where she also graduated from. She loves dance parties, sunshine, and good books. Her passion is raising up women to become disciplemakers and Kailee is someone she’s gotten to do that with over the last couple years.


Kailee is in her first year of EDGE Corps at Northwest Missouri State where she graduated from. She loves all things outdoors and spending time in the sun. A fun fact about Kailee, one time she spent nine consecutive hours in prayer.

LOCATION: Wood Room (map)



Jenny Boll & Andrew Bell

Have you ever wondered why God made you a feeling person? Have you ever felt at war between your feelings and your faith? Come to this workshop to explore how God designed emotions and you so that you can pursue a relationship with Him.

ABOUT THE WORKSHOP LEADERS: Andrew has called Kansas City home since 2014. He is husband to Lindsay and Dada to Asher. He labors alongside Jenny and their City Director, James, to cultivate a flourishing, generational, Kingdom movement in Kansas City. As a therapist, he pursues flourishing and wholeness in the lives of his clients in the Westport district of KC. Andrew likes to get up early on Saturday mornings to brew some Sumatran and support Liverpool FC.

Jenny is a passionate follower of Jesus that also serves as the Associate City Director for the Kansas City Navigators. Jenny has been on Navigator staff for 17 years in the Collegiate Navs. She has served at Creighton University, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Kansas State University and most recently was the Associate Regional Director for Mid-America campuses. In her free time, Jenny loves board games, writing, podcasts, cooking and spending time with her husband and two kids. She loves to listen to people and help them cultivate a life changing meaningful relationship with Jesus. She seeks to be a safe place for people to discover and live out the fullness of God's design for their lives. She enjoys working with Andrew in the city to this end!

LOCATION: Metal Room (map)

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John Anderson

Why share the Gospel with those around you? How might you even start doing that? What can I do to love and serve others around me? This workshop will help you understand why sharing the gospel matters and build steps for starting or continuing this in your everyday life.

ABOUT THE WORKSHOP LEADER: John has served on staff with the Navigators for ten years at the University of Nebraska-Kearney and Wichita State University, where he currently serves as campus director. John was an atheist when he met the Navigators as a freshman at the University of Northern Iowa. Over the course of a year he came to believe in Jesus through many conversations with new friends in his dorm. Afterward, another Navigator student taught him how to grow deeply in his relationship with God and share his faith with others. Since then John has dedicated himself to recruiting, inspiring, and training college students to share Christ and invest deeply in others right where they are and to the ends of the earth.


In his free time John enjoys spending lots of time with his wife Courtney and three kids, Leo, Gideon, and Levi. He also enjoys walking, reading, sports, board games, and cooking with fire.

LOCATION: Salon B & C (map)

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James Carter

Do you want your life to make a lasting impact beyond your own? This workshop will help you understand God’s vision for making disciples, how to get started, and how God can use your life to impact generations of people you may never meet.

ABOUT THE WORKSHOP LEADER: James Carter is a disciple of Jesus and serves as the City Director for the Kansas City Navigators. He has 19 years of experience making, maturing, and multiplying disciple-makers and leaders who live knowing the love and freedom found in the good news of Jesus. James has served in the U.S. Army and the National Guard for over 23 years as an Infantryman. He earned his Undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Central Missouri and his Masters of Divinity with an emphasis in leadership from Liberty University. James is inspired daily by his beautiful bride, Monica, and their son, Elijah, and daughter, Lilly. In his free time, James like to watch the Kansas City Chiefs, read books, and spend time with his family.

LOCATION: Salon A (map)

Noah Haas_edited.jpg


Noah Haas

God designed gender and sexuality, and the Bible says His design is good. This workshop will help you understand the identity God calls us to embrace in Christ as we navigate what our culture has to say about gender and sexuality and what God has to say.

ABOUT THE WORKSHOP LEADER: Noah Haas currently serves as the Collegiate Chief of Staff for The Navigators and is a part of the Collegiate Sexual Health and Wholeness (SHAW) Team.  He and his wife Katie met The Navigators while attending college in Wisconsin and have served on staff for sixteen years.  They have four children ranging from ages 3 to 11.  Noah loves watching people grow to be more like Jesus – and also loves food of all kinds, road trips, the Green Bay Packers, and board games.  He knows from experience that sexual brokenness is one of the places where God’s grace can shine the brightest.

LOCATION: Earth Room (map)

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Jason Stuhrenberg

The Bible talks a lot about God’s desire for all peoples to know Him. What does that really mean and look like in our world today? This workshop will help you understand God’s heart for the nations and how He calls us to participate.

ABOUT THE WORKSHOP LEADER: Jason and Emily Stuhrenberg are the College Ministry Leaders for The Navigators in Kyiv, Ukraine. The Stuhrenbergs are thrilled by the vision of Zechariah 8:23, as they continue to ask God for Ukrainian students who will take hold of their robes, saying, "Let us go with you, for we have heard that God is with you!"

Jason is a graduate of Dordt College and Emily graduated from Northwest Missouri State. Since 2013, Jason and Emily have served in various capacities with World Missions, including a collective five years in Kyiv, Ukraine. They have three children and are "sojourning" in Lee's Summit at a missionary home provided by a local church. Jason is a semi-obsessive Chiefs fan, has a nerdy affinity for Marvel, and will rarely turn down a good board game night.

LOCATION: Fire Room (map)



Dr. Heldur Hakk

This workshop will help you understand the relationship between the Bible and science and form convictions on how to trust God and follow Jesus when it may seem the Bible and scientific evidence contradict each other.

ABOUT THE WORKSHOP LEADER: Dr. Heldur Hakk trusted Jesus as his Savior from sin 50 years ago at a summer Bible camp.  His brother-in-law and sister-in-law served with Navigators at University Wisconsin-Stevens Point for many years, and now their son (Heldur’s nephew) serves with Navigators at Kansas State University.  Heldur earned his Ph.D. in biochemistry from North Dakota State University and worked for 41 years as a chemist with the United States Department of Agriculture.  He has been married to Kathy for 39 years, and together they have four adult, married children who, as a great blessing, are all following the Lord.  He has been involved with the Awana ministry at his home Baptist church in Fargo, ND for 42 years believes that introducing children to Jesus at a young age is a most worthy and vital act of Christian service.  Heldur loves to study the Bible and history, fishing, snowmobiling, cooking, biking, and vintage muscle cars.  Nine grandchildren reduce the amount of free time normally associated with retirement!

LOCATION: Water Room (map)

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