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Summer Opportunity


Navigators World Missions is called to “make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). Though our work takes many forms, our aim is always the same: to disciple a foundational generation of national disciplemakers as the beginning of creating spiritual generations of Christ-followers. Navigators are investing in national disciplemakers in more than 100 countries around the world.

iEDGE is a two-year, international ministry training experience for recent college graduates looking to work with campus ministries overseas. iEDGE is committed to training and developing young leaders who will impact their generation with the love of Jesus. It is an experience that will shape them for a lifetime.

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Giving Project Introduction


John has served on staff with the Navigators for ten years at the University of Nebraska-Kearney and Wichita State University, where he currently serves as campus director. John was an atheist when he met the Navigators as a freshman at the University of Northern Iowa. Over the course of a year he came to believe in Jesus through many conversations with new friends in his dorm. Afterward, another Navigator student taught him how to grow deeply in his relationship with God and share his faith with others. Since then John has dedicated himself to recruiting, inspiring, and training college students to share Christ and invest deeply in others right where they are and to the ends of the earth.


In his free time John enjoys spending lots of time with his wife Courtney and three kids, Leo, Gideon, and Levi. He also enjoys walking, reading, sports, board games, and cooking with fire.


Meet this Year's Giving Project


Asfaw came to Christ through the Navigators while studying Biology at the University of Georgia. Him and his wife, Hermela, are eager to begin serving the marginalized in Ethiopia. “We will be serving the youth who are homeless and living under extreme conditions. We want to impact the hopeless and helpless by using necessary resources that promote healthy living spiritually, psychologically, socially, and environmentally. The main source that will anchor and sustain this development is applying the gospel of Jesus in everyday life with love, compassion and care.”


  • Location: East Africa, the horn of Africa

  • Population: 115 million people (the second highest in Africa)

  • Predominant Religions: 43.5% Ethiopian Orthodox, 33.9% Muslim, 18.5% Protestant

  • Language: Amharic

  • The country is currently in a 2-year Civil War between the Ethiopian government and Tigrayan Rebels

  • The coffee bean originated in Ethiopia

  • Ethiopia has over 80 ethnic groups and languages

  • Ethiopia is 7 years behind. It is currently 2015. The Ethiopian calendar year has 13 months, with the last month consisting of 5 days and the rest with 30 days.


For Further Reference


  1. How did God speak to you tonight?

  2. Is there any part of the gospel you find hard to understand or embrace? Why?

  3. How would you describe God's perspective toward you right now? Why?

  4. In what areas of your life do you find yourself living more for yourself than for Christ?

  5. Is there a response or a decision that Jesus is asking you to make?


  • TIME ALONE WITH GOD (TAWG): begins at 8:30am tomorrow. Click here for a guided TAWG.

  • T-SHIRTS: There are FIVE like to wind to get one before they're gone.

  • HOST HOMES: Please make sure to write your thank you note and take your Host Home survey. When you’re finished, drop your packet off with Jenna at the info table.

  • FREE TIME: begins at 11:00pm. Check out our Free Time page for ideas on what to do.

  • QUIET HOURS: begin at midnight. You don’t have to be asleep, but you must be in YOUR room with ONLY your roommates at midnight.

  • BREAKFAST: Stoney Creek’s breakfast bar will be open from 7-8:30am. Be sure to eat a good meal and meet us at the Main Session room by 8:20am.

  • CHECK-OUT: All conference attendees must be checked out of their rooms will all belongings loaded into cars by 8:30am tomorrow. Be sure to turn in your room key to the front desk before the Main Session.

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