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Summer Opportunity


Experience what our alumni call “The HARDEST and the BEST summer ever!” From our overnight camp in the Colorado mountains to day camps across the states, we inspire Christ-centered love and commitment through counselor relationships in the midst of exciting outdoor experiences.


Summer Opportunity


Each summer, the Navigators Collegiate Ministries provide multiple intensive summer growth initiatives called Summer Training Programs (STPs) in different regions of the country. Students live, work, have fun, and learn with other college students for the summer.


​Each student works a full time job and participates in Bible studies, evangelistic outreaches, discipleship groups, ministry training, fellowship, and other activities during the week. These opportunities for fellowship, mentoring, guided experiences, and time in the Word create an ideal environment for students to grow in their relationship with Christ as well as develop ministry skills and leadership qualities. Summer Training Programs are operated and overseen by experienced full-time Navigator staff.


  • EXHIBITORS LUNCH: There will be an Exhibitor Lunch on Saturday in the Fire Room for those who want to get further information from our exhibitors. Sign up for one of those spots here.

  • LUNCH INSTRUCTIONS: Pick up your lunch right outside the Main Session Hall and then proceed to the Metal Room, Water Room, or outdoors to eat.

  • SCHEDULE: Want to make sure you are in the right places at the right times? Brush up on our Schedule.

  • WORKSHOPS: Take a look at your name tags for the number associated with the workshops you signed up for, then head to our Workshops page to find out where to go. 

  • T-SHIRTS: Just a reminder: if you reserved an Engage shirt when you registered (prior to arriving at the conference), you can pick it up at the Information Table. You have until lunch TODAY to purchase and pick up your shirt before we sell it this afternoon.

  • FREE TIME: begins at 1:30pm. Check out our Free Time page for ideas on what to do.

  • SMALL GROUP LEADERS: there is a small group leaders meeting at 3:30pm in the Earth Room to give you details about your host home tonight.

  • HOST HOME DINNER: Meet and leave for your Host Home Dinners at 4:15pm. Please refer to our Small Groups and Host Home page for more detailed instructions for this evening.

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