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MU, NWMSU, KSU, KC Collegiate: Water Room

Arkansas: Earth Room

UCM and WSU: Metal Room

CMU and KU: Wood Room

OSU: Fire Room


For Friday and Saturday Nights


  1. How would you summarize the message from tonight for someone else? 

  2. What stood out to from this message? What didn't? 

  3. What similarities do you think there are between the Exodus passage and today? 

  4. What questions did tonight prompt for you? Or questions you have that are unanswered? 

  5. What do you think God is saying to you tonight from this story in Exodus? 



On Saturday Night from 5-7pm your small group will eat dinner at the home of a family in the Kansas City area. These families have generously volunteered to open their homes to you and they are excited to meet and get to know each of you!

A few notes:

  • On Friday night, during your small group time, choose a place for your group to meet on Saturday at 4:15pm so that you can leave for your host home. Please arrive on time and ready to go at the meeting place you selected.

  • If you are a small group leader, please attend the Small Group Leader’s Meeting at 3:30pm on Saturday in the Water Room for important information and instructions for your host home experience and to receive your host home packet with directions to your host home for the evening.

  • If you have specific dietary needs, your host family is aware of them and is planning accordingly

  • Many of our hosts are planning to do their meal outside (weather permitting), so bring a jacket or sweatshirt if the weather is chilly.

  • Please take a picture at some point during the evening and text it to Timothy Reddekopp (816-728-6667) and/or tag @centralplainsnavs and #navsengage2023 on Instagram.

  • Please make sure to leave your host home at 7pm so that you can be back in time for the Saturday Night session.

  • When you return from your host home, make sure to write and address the thank you card and return it and your host home packet to Timothy Reddekopp at the Info Table.

Because these families are expecting you and have put time and energy into preparing a meal for your group, YOU MUST ATTEND. If there is an emergency and you cannot attend, please let your small group leader and Timothy Reddekopp (816-728-6667) know as soon as possible.

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