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The Exhibit Hall will be in Salon A (map). See the SCHEDULE for when the Exhibit Hall will be open.

There will be an Exhibitor Lunch & Learn on Saturday for those who want to get further information from our exhibitors. You can sign-up for a Lunch & Learn at an exhibitor's table in the Exhibit Hall. Below are the locations of the Lunch & Learns.


JAX Summer Training Program

Eagle Lake Camps

International Campus Partnerships (ICPs)


EDGE and iEDGE Corps

OKC Navigators

Resource Exchange International (REI)



EXHIBITORS: Adam & Cassidy Purdy

The Jacksonville Summer Training Program is an 8-week spiritual training and experience opportunity. Between Bible study, evangelism, discipleship, and the community, every aspect of the program is designed to train you up in godly character and give you the confidence to walk in obedience to God's call for your life. The time and sacrifice that is given to focusing on your spiritual training next summer will reap benefits that will last the rest of your time in college, adult years, and into eternity.

KC Navs


The Kansas City Navigators dreams of generations of disciples who saturate and transform Kansas City through the Good news of Jesus and his Kingdom. We exist to raise up and prepare these people. We want you to be a part of the story God is writing in KC Navigators!

eagle lake copy.jpg


EXHIBITORS: Matt Little and Ryan Putman

We love Jesus. We love kids. We love fun. We love sharing the Gospel. The purpose of Eagle Lake Camps is to inspire Christ-centered love and commitment through counselor relationships in the midst of exciting outdoor experiences. A ministry of The Navigators, we have more than 60 years of Christian camping experience. We’re committed to knowing Christ, making Him known, and helping others do the same. We accomplish this through exceptionally well-run programs, life-on-life ministry, meeting kids where they are at, and living out contagious fun. Join us and discover why our staff end the summer at Eagle Lake Camps saying “that was the hardest but the BEST summer of my life.”



EXHIBITOR: David Torpen

Nearly 75% of international students never enter an American home. Many of these students will never have a chance to hear the stories of Christmas and Easter, so this is a widely untapped opportunity for followers of Jesus to welcome them, show hospitality, and open the Scriptures with them. Will you join us in doing something about it? Navigators’ International Student Ministries (ISM) is here to help you reach students from all corners of the globe so that those students can take the gospel back to their families and friends.



EXHIBITORS: Madison Thielen and Ty Williams

EDGE is a two year commitment with the Navigators to further ministry on campus and develop your skills in ministry as well. EDGE stands for evangelism, discipleship, growth and experience. Part of the job is evangelizing to students and developing different skills to do this well. The biggest part of the job is discipleship where you meet 1:1 with students and help them further their walk with God. You grow through learning to help students and completing different bible studies and training plans with your campus trainer. The overall experience is worth it!



EXHIBITOR: Katie Greiner

iEDGE is a two-year, international ministry training experience for recent college graduates looking to work with campus ministries overseas. iEDGE is committed to training and developing young leaders who will impact their generation with the love of Jesus. It is an experience that will shape them for a lifetime.



EXHIBITORS: Levi & Alyssa Deal and Andrew & Ellie Colby

"This [relational] bridge of trust is strong enough to bear the weight of truth."  OKC is next door to everywhere and with one of the richest legacies of disciplemaking anywhere in the country, the relationships you form here in our many diverse networks will bear the weight of truth as you continue to be invested in and as you continue to bring the true gospel with you into the next phases of your life.



EXHIBITOR: Maryellen Morgan

Inspired by the life and teaching of Jesus, our mission of “building people to build nations” is the core of who we are - we invest our lives in people who will invest in others to develop their nation. Through the expertise of our resident staff and short-term teams, Resource Exchange International (REI) plays a unique role in building human capacity among the professional class of the emerging world. We focus on many different areas – agriculture, business, education, engineering, nursing, social work, teaching. By joining us, you’ll have the opportunity to use your degree overseas to expand professionally and develop personally.



EXHIBITOR: Nancy Langley

Navigators short-term mission trips can make a long-term impact, on others and on you, as you support established ministries around the world. Experience amazing people and places beyond your local community as you discover and share the gospel of Jesus inter-culturally. Join a mission trip team and build Kingdom relationships–with friends you invite to come along, in new settings with people from diverse cultures, and among fellow travelers on your journey.



EXHIBITORS: Adam Brigan and Stephan Hass

"Leaders are readers," so it's been said.

I think I saw that in a book that I read.

Want something helpful? Come take a look!

I'm sure at this table, you'll find a great book!

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